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One of the main reasons for Radiant's stupendous growth is our commitment to customer quality satisfaction. We are proud to be a 0 PPM supplier with many of our key clients. Our management team's targets are linked to customer satisfaction & supplier evaluation indices. It takes intensive advance planning & rigorous discipline to attain 0 PPM performance and our team is committed to maintaining the benchmarks they set.
We look at customer satisfaction a consequence of our total Quality Management which has three interlinked elements - Quality Planning, Quality Control & Quality Systems.  
Through Advance Quality Planning our engineers identify potential failures in tool design or process design based on their expertise as well as past lessons learnt. We attempt to error proof potential concerns from the part design and tool design itself. Additionally, Poka yokes and test equipment are developed to detect any abnormalities in production.  
Quality control refers to diligent observation & control of process quality & part quality through on-line checks. Process capabilities indices are measured to ensure a stable process.  
Quality systems ensure that the complete organization pursues quality as a common goal by standardization of the two elements above. Regular internal Audits, process Audits & product Audits ensure that improvement is continuous and that our engineers constantly try to better the benchmarks.  
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