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Tool Development
Radiant has an in-house Tool Room equipped with modern CAD/CAM facilities and CNC machines. With a team of 40 associates in the tool room, Radiant designs & develops complex injection molds in-house.
Developing tools for technical plastic parts with multiple, close-tolerance, function-critical dimensions is Radiant's forte. We target getting it right first time on the back of our know-how of raw material shrinkages & warpage patterns and accounting for the same by providing compensation in the tools.

As the business environment poses new complexities, Radiant engineers take on the challenge to develop and supply components & modules at lower costs but superior quality levels. The tool design & assembly is a significant factor that contributes to the lifetime cost of a product as well as the consistency & reliability of its supplies. Our engineers understand this and leverage Radiant’s vast experience as well as collaboration with tool steel & hot runner system suppliers to develop quality tools. Our team is well versed in development & maintenance of tools with multiple cavities, hot runner systems & multiple cores and slider mechanisms. We employ hot runner systems for all kinds of high temperature materials such as PPS, PES and PA 4,6 resulting in huge savings for our customers.

Radiant takes the ownership of tool maintenance over the program life for customer provided tools. In addition to our central tool design & development centre, we have also established satellite tool rooms within our production facilities in all our plants in order to ensure planned preventive maintenance of tools.

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