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Development and supply of safety critical components is a challenge that Radiant always likes to take on, for this is what clearly differentiates us from our competitors in the industry. Over the last 20 years, Radiant has an enviable track record in such successful developments. Typically such parts not only to have qualify multiple close-tolerance dimensions on the drawing in regular production but also undergo validation or endurance testing under various load and environmental conditions. It is here that our know-how of critical success factors - too design, shrinkages, process control & error proofing techniques differentiates us from the rest.
Applications for such parts are in Fuel Delivery Systems, Fuel Tanks, Transmission Systems, Under the Bonnet Components, Collapsible Steering Systems, Head Lighting Systems and Accelerator Pedal Modules. As an example, Radiant has never faced a single warranty claim from one of our Japanese OEMs to whom we supply such parts over last 12 years. In another application for Fuel Systems, Radiant is only the 3rd global supplierand the 1st supplier outside of Europe\USA to be nominated for supplies of critical components for a Toyota application.
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